"Nature and Environment Education" - Hikingpath

In the Netherlands NME (Natuur-Milieu-Educatie = Nature and Environment Education) is a part of the overall educational system which aims on lecturing children in certain aspects of nature- and environment-preservation and ecology.

Inside that framwork ULMUS is managing a project in cooperation with the Noorderhoeve, the HHNK and the municipality of Bergen. Aim of the project is to realize a hiking-path that runs through the water-retrieving area "Over t´Hek", that is to contain educational and recreational elements to obtain "playful learning"-effects. Still in the early stages, the hikingpath and its elements are to be designed by the landscape-architect Maria Snel from "Yottaa" at the moment. We expect to have the pre-designes ready before christmas.

The finalization and opening of the path are planned middle of 2013. 

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