About us

Wouter Joop, born 1975,

I was actively working as social farmer for nearly 10 years, after being trained in both biodynamic farming and social therapy. 

Since 2005 I have been working as an independent projectmanager and advisor for several clients in both the public and the private sector (health care institutions, farmers, educational institutions, municipality, province, watership) on multi-stakeholders projects.  The core element in these projects have been the linking of agriculture and other green services (nature conservation, watermanagement) with social demands ( care, recreation, education).  I am also involved in several national and European projects on social farming ( SoFar, Diana, SOFIEU), with a special focus on education and training for professionals and in a vocational training specialised on Entrepreneurship in Social Farming at Warmonderhof Opleidingen as well.

I am a boardmember for several organisations, amongst them St. Omslag, Aynimundo and Matoekoe.

My most prominent motive is to unlock the beneficial potential of agriculture and nature for society, specifically for those in need of care. In my opinion social, ecological and economic challenges have to be faced with integral, innovative strategies in which I often experience myself as a linking pin between individual initiatives.

Benjamin "Benno" Graef, born 1978:

After working and studying in different industries and disciplines I found my prior calling in being a teacher for youth with special needs, using a bio-dynamical farm not only as classroom but as pedagogical instrument. 

The living and working on a community-based farm gave me much insight in social dynamics and challenged me with more and more questions about: “how to combine the individual ambitions and dreams with the goals and vision of a community?”

I decided to follow these questions, gathering more knowledge and experience about human development, psychological phenomena and the human potential to change and develop.

I want to contribute to a more conscious and new-thinking society and business-culture by working with both individuals and groups on a value-based form of leadership and development.

I see the individual growth towards consciousness and new paradigmes as the biggest challenge of my generation.

My practice is based on various theories that gap from Intercultural Communication via Processdesign to Integral and Open Project Management. I develop my models based on a combination of different aspects from psychology, philosophy and leadership.

 The chore-principle of my approach is that human-beings learn and develop through the three dimensions of thinking, feeling and will.

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