Hochschule für Agrar- und Umweltpädagogik in Wien (HAUP)

The HAUP offers since November 2012 an extra-occupational Master in "Green Care". This is the first of its kind in Europe!

ULMUS has been asked to contribute with lectures within the module "Basics Green Care". Besides we want to "feed" the students with actual and practic-based questions out of our network.

In our opinion, the Master plays a crucial role towards a new generation of practitioners and researchers inseide the Green-Care-field. This will be a huge contribution to a healthy developmetn and professionalisation of existing and still-to-come GreenCare-concepts.

Green Care is a term that is used in a wide sense and collects different kind of activities inside the combined fields of "Green & Care", "Green & Health" and "Green & Education". Examples are:

- care farming

- AAT - animal assisted therapy

- gardening therapy

- educational foresting

- educational farming and many more

The European Projects "DIANA" and "SOFAR" have produced glossaries to secure unity of use and understanding of related terminoogy. You will find the glossary in the link-list on our page or follow the link here.

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