"Landgut Wempe"

The "Landgut Wempe" (an old manor called after its former owner) is located in Koedijk (The Netherlands). It is a roughly 100 year old farm-complex on the southern edge of the protected nature- and landscapearea "Geestmerambacht" in the north of Alkmaar.

The farm and its land has been assigned to the DLG (Dienst Landelijk Gebiet) after the death of the last owner. The DLG, a department of the Dutch ministery of agriculture, planned to develop a project that focuses both on care and landscape-preservation for the surrounding area.

ULMUS has been aware of this plan since 2011. In 2012 the Noorderhoeve were looking for a intermediate housing-solution for some of its clients due to a delayed building-proces. There we linked to needs with eachother and sat together with both the DLG and the Noorderhoeve to finf out if they could find each other.

The result was magnificent: the DLG and the Noorderhoeve signed a temporary agreement of usage for the farm-building, where up to 7 clients of the Noorderhoeve can find a place to live for the period of appr. 2 years. In that time, both agreed, they will work out a development-plan for the whole manor. 

ULMUS have been involved as projectcoordinator for the Noorderhoeve and played a mediating role between all involved partners.

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