HHNK (Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier) 

HHNK - Hoogheemradschap Hollands Noorderkwartier is one of the many Dutch watermanagement-departments. These departments are autonomically organized bureaus that function a lot like state-departments. They even raise their own tax. These departments deal with all water-related issues in the Netherlands, which circulate mostly around topics like security, watermanagement, quality and regulation.

ULMUS enjoys a long-term cooperation with the HHNK and has worked with them on several different projects: 

Over t´Hek: This was a project that aimed on creating a water-retrieving area to be able to set water-regulation standards for the national goals for 2050.

Projekt Pijlkruid: This project was executeed inside the framework of the KRW (Kader Richtlijn Water) which is a European Regulatory to ensure waterquality, bio-diversity and fish-migration. In that context ULMUS realized the implementation of appr. 800 meters of so called nature-friendly-watersides.

De groene Brink: Another project related to the KRW-framework that aimed on implementation of another 400 meters nature-friendly-watersides.

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