Ulmus Projectrealisatie

Ulmus Projectrealisatie


Every project resembles a plant. It developes organically in accordance with its inner and outer factors. We have identified certain processes and progress-factors in every phase of any project, that are principally alike, whilst every project still has got its unique character.

Projectrealisatie means to understand and to facilitate these structural and common processes of a project as well as to recognize and to acknowledge the peculiarity of a project by helping to identify its inner potential and strength. For us, that means to put the human being in the centre. In our experience, the most succesful and sustainable projects are those, that manage to use and combine the individual strenghts of all participants and to facilitate the development of each contributors potential.

An analogy from the world of plants: A good gardener understands to create a balance and harmony among the different and decisive factors of growth and development: Light, air, temperature, climate, soil, nutritions, minerals etc. He also trusts on the inner strength, the natural instinct and the potential of the plant. He uses a mixture of knowledge, wisdom, patience, afinity and hope towards the path to growth and gain.

We treat our projects in that manner from idea to implementation, offering services like projectdesign, coordination, communication and management, including design and facilitiation of all demanded and occuring processes.

We work with a wide range of partners within different sectors and our network stretches from organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, care, health, re-integration, education, Green Care, Social Farming, Educational Farming to public institutions. All our partners are characterized by their afinity to create sustainability concerning the relation between humans and nature and their focus on human development in their missionstatements.